Clarks Desert Boots – A Brief History



In April of 2009 Clarks released their new line of footwear- the Desert Boot. This ruggedly stylish new offerings of footwear has quickly become one of the most popular styles of desert boots on the market. But not just any old boot. Clarks is a company that originated from England and they are known throughout the world for their extremely high quality shoe manufacturing. Anything made in England has to meet a high quality bar, and the Clarks desert boot passes the test with flying colors. Clarks Desert Boots

Here is a brief history of the rise of Clarks. It all started back in 1825 when two brothers came to Scotland to establish a shoe company. They started the company in sheer necessity. At the time there was no shoe manufacturing plants in Scotland for shoe manufacturing. They moved their operations to the city of South Shields, which has a booming shoe industry of its own. Despite their humble beginnings, the Clark brothers swept the entire industry by a storm.

One by one the Clark brothers passed the torch on to Skip Clark. He developed the first Clark Casual boot and the company was truly born. The keen business sense of Clark has always been a mantra of success. He incentives his workers to develop new technologies that will be of use to his company. He has also shown his willingness to spend god’s lawsuit dollars on manpower to bolster his business.

Today the Clark Desert Boots have become a successful company of its own. The Clark Desert Boots has truly passed the test of time in becoming a fashion icon Icon around the world. The durable and rugged makeup of the boots has led to many shoe designers designing Clarks Desert Boots style shoes from the Clark range.

The remarkable journey of the Clark brand has reached new heights. The Clark Desert Boots has been one of the mostakaema shoesin the market. The active influence of the famous jazz musical legend, Roger Hardwyn, has put the Clarks brand in the international fashion scenario. The brand’s range of men’s shoes and women’s shoes have been sung to be the best in the business, and people from around the world crave to have their pair on their feet.

So if you desire a pair of Desert Boots to ensure overall comfort, along with durability, you must buy it from the authentic Clark’s outlet. Clark’s outlets are scattered all across the country, but the one inangular outlet in Scottsboro Alabama is the best. You will surely enjoy your Clark footwear to the fullest, and in the invoked fashion sense.