Slayer – You Against You

Official music video for SLAYER's "You Against You" from 12th studio album, Repentless.
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Directed By BJ McDonnell
Produced By Felissa Rose
Co produced by Harrison Smith and Christian Ackerman
Action Producer Don Lee
Director Of Photography Eric Leach
Editor Ed Marx
Makeup FX by Alterian (Tony Gardner and Adrienne Lynn)

Twelfth studio album, REPENTLESS, out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.
Available In-Stores: http://bit.ly/slayer-repentless-retai... / Online: http://nblast.de/SlayerRepentless

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In Slayer's song "You Against You," vocalist Tom Araya screams "Your perfect world is ending this day, So what? I wouldn't have it any other way." And so, from the very first frame of the band's "You Against You" music video, the gore, the violence, the projectile-blood-spewing and the carnage begins and just never ends.

"You Against You" is the prequel to "Repentless," Slayer's brutal 2015 video filmed at an L.A. prison that has logged nearly 7.5 million YouTube views. Like "Repentless," "You Against You" was directed by BJ McDonnell, stars Jason Trost "(Hatchet III") as Wyatt, the eyepatched rebel inmate, and tells the story of the circumstances that led to Wyatt's erroneous arrest and imprisonment.

Slayer's performance of "You Against You" was shot deep in the heart of California's Mojave desert earlier this year in a graveyard of jets, airliners, and helicopters.

“After the ‘Repentless’ video,” said Slayer’s Tom Araya, “BJ delivers with ‘You Against You.’ Fucking awesome!!!”
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