Sacred Blood – Ride Through The Achaemenid Empire


"..A King that united the known world into an empire; A warrior that led an army to the ends of the Earth; A God worshiped by men and beloved amongst immortals: Alexandros.

SACRED BLOOD are back to take you on a 12-track journey through the mists of history and legend, tracing the footsteps of the greatest Greek who ever lived -- Alexander of Macedonia.

With EPEIOS PHOCAEUS on lead and backing vocals, POLYDEYKIS on lead and rhythm guitars, 12-string acoustic guitars, accordion, keys and backing vocals and JIM "THE ANIMAL" STAMATIS on drums and percussion, the boys are back with a vengeance!

Powerful epic metal at its finest from the Greek maîtres of the genre, with heavy folk undertones and bombastic soundtrack ambience, featuring guest appearances by HILDR VALKYRIE on female and choir vocals, VANGELIS "VAG-NER" YALAMAS on 6-string bass, SIR ANDREW McPLEARY on bagpipes and a heavier-than-your-headstone production!

Very special guest -- MIKE GALIATSOS (ex-NIGHTFALL) on guitar solos! Lyrics, for the most part, have been contributed by the internationally published historical fiction author and resident lyricist of FOLKEARTH and FOLKODIA, MARIOS KOUTSOUKOS.

"ALEXANDROS" -- a concept album exploring the past in the metal rhythms of the future!

Official Website: www.sacred-blood.com
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