Prowler – The Stalker

SSMC is proud to announce the release of Prowler's third video 'The Stalker.' As Prowler nears part four of their Horror Metal saga, and an album release, SSMC worked to create a video to take them to the next level. Check out the press links below.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the sponsors and parties involved in making and promoting this video project. Thank you Dwayne King of Kluckin Films, Listen Up Myrtle Beach, Andre Pope at The Digitel Myrtle Beach, Crystal Head Vodka, Soup at Splatter Magazine, the Iluminati Crew, and all the Crew members of Surf Skate Music Culture. Also, I would like to give a very special thanks to The Sound Hole in Myrtle Beach, SC. Those guys have been awesome supporters and key to helping generate a stronger heart beat for the music scene.

Check out Prowler at:
Not to be confused with (не путать с):
• Prowler (Heavy Metal from Santa Fe, New Mexico)
• Prowler (Thrash Metal from New York City, New York)
• Prowler (Heavy/Power Metal from Jacksonville, Florida)
• Prowler (Heavy Metal from San Diego, California)
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