Priscilla Hernandez – Mad World

Cover of Mad World by Tears for Fears from their album The Hurting (1983)
Cover and arrangement performed by Priscilla Hernandez (http://yidneth.com)

Цитата (Priscilla Hernandez)
This is a tribute to my favourite band. I'm often asked about my influences and when I mention Tears for Fears as one of the most important, people still don't seem to relate them with my own work. They were and still are my favourite band smile
Mad World seems to have become popular due to a popular cover made by Gary Jules but though I found this version really beautiful I've also found it listed so many times without proper credit to its original composers and performers and I am doing this little version that though is different than the TFF version drinks for the ORIGINAL one that was sung by Curt Smith and written by Roland Orzabal being one of the first Tears for Fears hits back in 1982. This is a tribute to an amazing band. I play many of their songs when being alone in the piano and somehow they accidentally made me a vocalist even they will never be aware of it smile
Of course I do now own the song Mad World and thus this song is not for sale, if someone is interested in having it for free and personal use feel free to contact me through my site http://yidneth.com Still I highly recommend you go and check TFF ;-) because their version is the best for me :)
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