Laibach – Smrt Za Smrt (Death for Death)
1 апр. 2016 г.
Smrt za smrt (Death for Death) live

BOZAR, Brussels
Henry Le Boeuf Hall
9 February 2016

In collaboration with RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, mixed choir, Slovenian composer Anže Rozman (orchestrated arrangements), and conductor Simon Dvoršak, Laibach performed songs from Spectre, WAT, Sound of Music and other projects.

Filmed by Tomislav Gangl and Initium Media
Video edited by Tomislav Gangl
Smrt za smrt written by Laibach, arranged by Luka Jamnik with Janez Gabrič, Rok Lopatič & Mina Špiler
Orchestral arrangement by Anže Rozman with Luka Jamnik
Live recording engineered by Matej Gobec and Danilo Ženko
Mixed by Matej Gobec
Lights by Laibach & Tomaž Čubej
Films by Laibach and Dekaos
320 / lomin / Теги: Laibach
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