Faith No More – Sunny Side Up

Directed by: Joe Lynch

from the album, Sol Invictus (Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac Recordings)

Pick it up at your favorite retailer, digital outlet or the band's webstore
iTunes: http://geni.us/2L7x
CD: http://hyperurl.co/n322xg
LP: http://hyperurl.co/ydzvfa
FNM Webstore US: http://solinvictus.kungfustore.com
FNM Webstore EU: http://faithnomore.firebrandstores.com

Video Credits
Directed by: Joe Lynch
Produced by: Sarah Elbert
Executive Producer: Sam Balcomb
Production Company: Rainfall Films
Cinematography by: Will Barratt

“Mike Patton” - Richard Johnson
“Billy Gould” - Robert Axelrod
"Jon Hudson” - Bruce Nehlsen
“Mike Bordin” - Buddy Daniels
“Roddy Bottom” - Roger Browne

Album Credits
Produced & Engineered by Bill Gould at Estudios Koolarrow
Vocals Recorded by Mike Patton at Vulcan Studios
Mixed by Matt Wallace/Bill Gould at Studio Delux
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A
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