Dol Ammad – Magus Invicta

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Hello my fellow space-freaks, here it the third music video from the new Dol Ammad album "Cosmic Gods: Episode I - Hyperspeed". I did bend my promise for a new video every 2 weeks a little bit but I had lots of work preparing your pre-orders and packaging the last few days. The next videos will come sooner I hope :P

So I hope you'll enjoy "Magus Invicta", it's probably the fastest song in the new album and it has a great concept of a journey into the core of the Sun to find this invisible magician! I will explain more of my concepts behind "Cosmic Gods" in an upcoming video.

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SPACE ON!!! - Thanasis Lightbridge


Dol Ammad - Magus Invicta

Lightspeed eternal
Magus invicta
Follow the path to utopia

Stellar volcano
Magus invicta
Battle to gather
The sands of the sun

Cosmic dust - Solar grasp
Hyper thrust - Lightspeed past
Primal force - Endless source
Rapid fire - Tidal spire
505 / lomin / Теги: Magus Invicta, Dol Ammad
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