Dol Ammad – Hyperspeed

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So here it is my friends, my first music video for the song "Hyperspeed" taken from the new Dol Ammad album "Cosmic Gods: Episode I - Hyperspeed". I am very happy to share with you our way of working here at the Dol Ammad headquarters and also my vision of what I feel like when I write these songs.

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Space on! - Thanasis Lightbridge


Dol Ammad - Hyperspeed

The prophecy of Hyperspeed
Hides in the stones of Mercury
Stand strong - Fight hard - Battle

Galactic force will be unleashed
The laws of starflight will be bent
Stand strong - Fight hard - Battle
Rage on

Force Magnetic - Titan
Navigating - Wormhole
Excavation - Found stone
War beginning - Rage on

Faster starships - Shockwave
Astrometric - Battles
Spectrum phasers - Solar
Terra launchers - Graveyard
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